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More Yaoi-Con...

'k, so that last post is the article I wrote and submitted to Science Fiction/San Francisco (johnnyeponymous, there's a clarification in the paragraph about Saturday events in the journal entry, if you want to snag it). There's more than just that.

Friday, yeah, we got in late. Snagged didjiman, karisu_sama and mishalak, drank wine and watched Making Fiends back at the room.

Saturday spent a bit of time chatting with hazelchaz and Christian about AnimeLA, did a panel on electrical sex toys, ran into johny__b in a delightfully trashy Koenma (Yu Yu Hakusho character) instacostume, and caught hoshikage about 5 minutes before her brother showed up to pick her up. Also caught up with twjudy and saw ajmeow's gang of Gilgamesh costumes which were absolutely amazing. reddheart stopped by for a bit with saibysai (yes, it's the doll's journal). Saturday night was spent partying with a group who did fabulous Naruto costumes.

Sunday was more gossip and conspiracy about AnimeLA and more shopping, but that was about it. K got a picture from the art show.

A bunch of the folks we expected to see weren't there. I think that a lot of folks decided not to give up their Halloween plans this year. Ycon is trying to get off of Halloween weekend next year, and I hope won't end up scheduled against SiliCon (Vintacon we can move for it if it really comes to that).


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Oct. 31st, 2005 03:59 pm (UTC)
...and night_x_walker did end up showing, but way later than I'd expected due to impending death (a friend of his, not D himself), otherwise I'd have gone looking for you two before I left.

And yes, YaoiCon should move off of Halloween weekend, if for no other reason than to reduce the competition. I wanted to stay the day and bring D out and such, but it wasn't possible with saibysai on hand for the doll meetup. More or less, it's either I come mostly uncostumed with him, come in costume and leave him home, or bat my eyes really big at night_x_walker and have him play pack mule. The last option I don't like doing, because..well...it's just not nice :(

So yeah, Monkeylegs won, if for no other reason than I didn't want to huck about in two costumes in two different parts of the state in one day.
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