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Quiet weekend...

Had a fabulous time Friday evening at iamradar's li'l party. Great crowd, great food, great wine.

Went to SCCLA "Trash & Treasure" swap meet and rummage sale over at LeatherMasters on Saturday afternoon while kproche spent the day at IBM building a haunted house. Was fun. Looked at stuff. Didn't buy an autoclave.

Went to the benefit All Hallows Eve party for Second Harvest Food Bank at and Left Bank. Food was good, entertainment was decent, but we were kind of fried, so we went home pretty early.

Did a lot of nothing on Sunday. Had breakfast at The 100th Original Pancake House. Braved the "Clam Pancakes" and discovered they're suprisingly good.

Went to see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Was somewhat predictable, but densely packed with jokes (there was at least one that only I laughed at), and very nicely done. It may have even more homages in it than Serenity

Picked up a new cordless phone; our old phone was getting flaky and was already on its second battery. It also trashed our wireless connections every time it rang or the phone got too close to a computer. The new one is a 5.8ghz phone, so it won't interfere with our wi-fi.

Had a spot of dinner at Aqui Cal-Mex. I'm really liking the new menu they introduced a few months ago.

Watched the new Sherlock Holmes TV movie. It was very obviously a modern script and story, and featured more than a few characterizations that were out of place in an Edwardian mystery. The class interactions, on the other hand, were priceless. Script problems aside, I loved the cast and the performances. Watson and his affianced, the American alienist (psychoanalyst) Mrs. Vandeleur (who, I think, was a touch too familiar even for an American of the period, but who was quite brilliant and something of the libertine) were fantastic, particularly to the point of Watson adopting Vandeleur's accent perfectly when passing himself off as an American. Rupert Everett just dripped ennui as a late-in-his-career Holmes. All in all, a lot of fun. I would love to see Everett, Hart and Dudgeon take on an adaptation of a Doyle story.

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