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I feel like I'm back in typing class...

The Chicago report is going to wait a few hours (or maybe not).

As for the subject line...

I just got my new Kinesis Advantage Pro Keyboard at work. I actually ordered 2 of them (one for the mac, one for the PC).

It's really cool, but it's going to take a few days to get used to.

I've learned a lot of bad keyboarding habits from various standard keyboards. I'm suddenly discovering what all of them are. I reach for the "6" key with my left hand (thank you, Microsoft ergo-fucking-nomic keyboard). I reach for the parentheses with the wrong fingers. This keyboard makes those moves difficult if not impossible.

Then there are the changes that Kinesis made in the keyboard layout. Finding the home keys is not as natural (read "not what I'm used to"). I've discovered I hit the space-bar with my left thumb. Only problem is the space-key in this layout is on the right thumb.

Strangely enough, those are really the only changes that are really odd getting used to. "enter," "backspace" and "delete" on the thumb clusters are really easy to get used to. Nav keys on the thumb clusters are pretty easy too. Arrow keys below c/v and m/, are nice, actually (well, except for gaming, I expect).

A foot-switch activated 10-key mode is even available, and easy to use.

It's the end of the first day having this keyboard, and I'm already almost back to my regular typing speed. Who knows; maybe I'll be able to type even faster once I'm used to it.

'course, now I'm even more impatient for the second one to arrive for the Windows machine, and I need to order one for home.

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