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Just when you thought it couldn't get any busier...

...come Friday morning, we hop a plane to Chicago for their first coronation.

It's a Star Trek theme.

Even if it wasn't Chicago and their first Coronation, we would have to go. We're even skipping San Francisco's Ducal Coronation to go.

The host hotel is the Majestic Hotel (once a sister to San Francisco's Hotel Majestic, but now owned by different companies) just on the edge of Boystown, and we've got a fabulous suite.

Out-of-Town show, Coronation itself and Victory Brunch are only a few (well, it looks like 10-ish) blocks from the hotel, so planning numerous changes of clothes for each event is probably not practical. Oh, shame.

We'll see how Chicago handles a Coronation. They didn't have a Barony when I left the midwest, so it's been a fairly quick road for them.

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