Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Congratulations Frank and Angelique...

...and also to Grand Duke Peter Padilla and Grand Duchess Ruby Slippers, the newest elected Royals on the Grand Ducal circuit.

"A Night on Broadway" was a flawless evening (except for Mr. Lee-Ona walking off the stage - don't ask). Grand Duke Frank Salerno, Grand Duchess Angelique and their ball team threw together a fabu event.

Star centerpieces at each table had different Broadway show logos. The Alameda Ducal court opened with a Broadway medley production number; command performers followed throughout the evening with Broadway numbers famous and obscure.

(Well, Mizz Monique didn't, but she did a Monique number that was excellent. I wonder where she got the leopard-trimmed Klan robe she entered in.)

Our own IRLM made a good showing, with many court members and quite a few Imperial Family members too. kproche and some of the court did a reprise of his candidate number from 5 years ago at the command of Grand Duke Frank, a production version of Steppin' Out With My Baby from Irving Berlin's Easter Parade.

All presentations and final walks over with, it was announced that Peter and Ruby had both triumphed over "no" (they were running unopposed for their positions) and are the newly elected Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Alameda County.

Victory parties moved over to Club Rumor with a champagne toast at midnight (yep, the coronation was over early enough for the victory party to be in full swing before midnight).

Sunday Morning's victory brunch was way too early at the Rainbow Room. Elena put on an excellent feed for those of us dedicated enough to be there by 11:00 am.

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