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Noreascon Day 5 and post-con

Recovery seems to be the common thread here, along with lots of sleep.

Monday began (for us) with the Masquerade Post-Mortem panel, discussing what worked, what didn't, and what Interaction needs to know for next year. The MD's minister of information is the Bay Area's own Hugo Award Winning Cheryl Morgan.

Costume exhibit break-down went smoothly after a reasonable lunch, and then it was time to rest a few hours before dinner and the Dead Dog Party. Didn't have the energy to make it to closing ceremonies.

Dead Dog Party was pretty fabulous; Geri Sullivan and the Minneapolis in '73 bid committee put together a nice twist on the rest of the convention.

During the Dead Dog (8:00 PM Pacific time) we joined the Bay Area Science Fiction Society's Meeting in Exile. We annexed Boston (thus it was the Back Bay Area Science Fiction Society for the night; one bay is good as another, ours is just better), and inducted several new ambassadors. Esther Friesner was elevated to Empress of Hamsters and immediately demanded appropriate regalia and to be maintained in the manner she was not accustomed to. The BASFA Rumor of the Week is "When you play the opening monologue to ST:TNG backwards, you will hear Spock is dead. Spock is dead. Spock is dead.". We may not be able to actually annex Glasgow next year (it's too far inland), but are probably going to annex LA (San Pedro Bay is near enough to Anaheim) gleefully looking forward to annexing Yokohama and Tokyo Bay

As for post-con...

A few FedEx ground headaches. We ran the waybills, went to deliver the trunks, and ended up with a mess. The mailboxes etc wanted $15/trunk handling to store the trunks. The hotel was willing to ship them out from their shipping & receiving dock for free, but they don't have a FedEx ground account so they couldn't call for pickup. We couldn't add call tags to the shipment without starting over, because FedEx's computer system is antiquated (the FedEx agents at customer service couldn't even do this), so we couldn't schedule pickup either. Ended up walking the trunks about 5 blocks to a nearby FedEx ship center, who could accept the trunks. The walk was irritating, but worth saving $60.

It's still better than dealing with UPS.

The Marriott Copley Place was splendid. Their staff, from bell and door staff to maids, front desk and particularly bell staff were very helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again if I was in the Back Bay.

Frank Wu had a few problems transporting his Hugo Award home (that's another new Bay Area Hugo Award Winner), but all was sorted out in the end. Frank and Allison (and Adrienne Foster) were on the same flight with us, we saw them off on their way to Sunnyvale as we headed to the taxi stand.

Back home now, where it's stiflingly hot but cooling steadily.

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