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Noreascon Day 4

Or "The Masquerade that ate Boston"

No big surprise, the vast majority of our day yesterday was Masquerade.

47 (I believe) entries, and 103 (113?) participants. 14 young fan entries. Almost half of the rest were Novice-division entries. An amazing number of them in their first masquerade, and some at their first convention (we judged workmanship for Novice and Journeyman divisions, so we talked to nearly all of them).

Tech was, while not flawless, superb. Video services came up with some interesting tricks (like vid-cap slides after each entry listing the name and division) that worked really well. Lighting was excellent. Sound wasn't so excellent, but that was mostly the room, I think.

Judging was hell. There were a very large number of quality entries, and it took a while to determine how award naming would even work for the slate of contestants. We finally gave awards at around 1:30.

There won't be a "Noreascon Day 4 Parties" entry; most were closed by the time we got out, so we ended up in the Costumers' Suite post-masquerade party. Was fun, but qualifies more as a continuation to the day, not a separate party.

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