Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


It's that time of year, the ant colonies are getting a bit bold.

We've got a consistent ant problem in the bathroom, but that's relatively minor; the ants very rarely leave the bathroom and a bit of bait clears them up for a few weeks.

The weird one is the colony that gets in through an exterior wall into the kitchen; they don't take the easy route through the screened window, but rather work their way in through the wall and come in through an outlet strike-plate. What's particularly weird this time is that they're fixated on the freezer. There's this unending stream of ants that travels across the kitchen and somehow gets around a seal into the freezer...

...with the inevitable result. A pile of dead, frozen ants on the bottom of the freezer. Oh, well, the vacuum makes quick work of it.

The ants are vacuumed up, the trail is washed down with a bit of bleach (so the ants don't continue to believe something is exciting at the end of this scent-trail all these ants have been creating), and there's a little capful of lemonade dosed with boric acid on the windowsill near the strike-plate to do the little bastards in.

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