Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Borrowed bike...

For those of you who weren't there (and that's everybody) the K75S (yeah, that's an old picture of kproche, it's his bike, and I don't think I have a picture of me on it) decided to throw the fan and eat the radiator this weekend, so it's in the shop.

The R75/5 is still waiting to go into the shop for a new clutch (there wasn't much left of the clutch when I bought it), and the R100 doesn't have any gas in it (and is buried under stuff in the garage; I should really start it up and make sure it's still running well).

So... I've been taking light rail in to work, which is good most days. Today, however, I have a visit to my optometrist scheduled, and transit out there is a pain.

Hence, I'm borrowing K's R1150R for the day.

It's an interesting ride.

The pegs leave me folded up pretty much, so I don't think I could take too long of a ride on it; my legs would give out.

The servo-assisted brakes are really cool; they're actually relatively subtle but if you grab a big handful you stop.

The lack of dive in the front end isn't as disturbing as I expected.

It's got plenty of power and is very smooth for a big twin, but it does get a nasty vibe in the footpegs around 5k.

Transmission is very smooth and very positive-feeling, but I'l admit that I've become accustomed to how the shifter on the K locks if you try to shift below 1 or above 5.

Switchgear is yet again different than previous models. I think I like the non-standard gear on the K better; it's less of a stretch for me.

It's got a surprising amount in common with the handling of my /5. A lot less flex and springiness, mind you, but still very light (feeling, I know it's not really that light, but it's a lot lighter than the K) and ready to corner quickly.

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