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Noreascon Day 3 Parties

I'm going to post this while I still have enough brain cells to remember what happened...

It was a fabulous party night.

Albacon was quiet, but provided quality mixed drinks. We like Albacon.

Costume-Con 24 paid for the Costumer's Sute. It was pretty much past WorldCon videos, but kproche and I got to finally see video of last year's "Trumps of Amber" that we contributed to.

Xerps 2010 was a blast. Insane decor and weird-ass drinks. Seriously. Well, probably anything but seriously.

Speculative Art. We got a print for providing the wrong right answer to a trivia question. These folks are fun. Rumor (substantiated) has it that in the same place tomorrow we'll find "when movies attack!"

Arisia (a 3-day convention in 8 hours) was pretty damn cool. I'll leave it at that.

Friends of Texas was strange. Really strange. Particularly when I noticed the most vocal supporter appeared (I may have been too drunk to read the badge properly) to be from SF, CA.

Boston Area Star Trek Club threw an amazing party. (don't  be distracted by above statementes). Seriously.

Brothers without Banners (I don't understand this myself) also were a blast.

The Queer Fandom party was definitely amusing. Were I to write about the amusing well-groomed cute boys... and Selina Rosen...

There were some bland parties we walked into tonight, but no stinkers. All in all a good night.


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Sep. 13th, 2004 01:24 am (UTC)
The Brotherhood without Banners represents the fandom of George RR martin ;)

We'll be partying in Glasgow as well :)
Sep. 13th, 2004 11:44 pm (UTC)
I knew I couldn't be trusted to make sense of anything.

loeg will be there too...

Have you joined inter_action yet?
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