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We're so not going up to the city for Absolut Potrero Hill. It would be fun; GLAAD house parties always are. However... we've burned a lot of social reserves between WorldCon and LLW (report pending, 'cuz it's not one I'm writing from work) and a lot of money on the same (between the weak dollar and unanticipated moto repairs following LLW).

We are, though, up for a wine run to Livermore on Saturday. We've got to do a return visit to Vino Cellars and have a club pick-up waiting at Bent Creek. If you're interested, comment. Can't guarantee that we'll be doing the run, but let me know if you want in.

Alas, with the scant finances it's not going to be a wine shopping excursion (then again, we've got a garage full of wine that is already awaiting a cabinet). If it were, we'd be scheduling an appointment with Rhonda Wood to do tasting at Wood Family Vineyards, but I'm not going to go to an appointment-only tasting without the funds to buy if we like.

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