Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

The packing, it is done...

...and not a moment too soon.

For those of you not inside the drama (well, not really drama, just impending doom... er... travel), we're skipping town Monday morning at 9:30 for Glasgow. We got a decent price on first/business class to Glasgow through O'Hare, so it should be a nice flight.

Why? Well, as much as I'd like to be going to Glasgow just for the sake of going to Glasgow (and for the slightly chilly weather), we're going for Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention.

This is a relatively low-load WorldCon for us.

Friday night we host a League of Evil Geniuses Reception at the Hilton Glasgow.

Saturday kproche runs the Masquerade half-time show, Ready, Steady, Sew!. The name was chosen because more Britfen and Eurofen will recognize Ready, Steady, Cook! than would recognize Iron Chef, but the format is going to be Iron Chef all the way. We've got an American team and a European (mostly Brit, I think) team, a floor reporter and a panel of illustrious judges. Downside? Wednesday, I think, we've got to run out and pick up a pair of used sewing machines to complete the work areas.

We've also got a few panels, but not many.

On Monday, we have the annual BASFA Meeting-in-Exile.

We fly home Wednesday.

Wouldn't be so bad, but then on Thursday, we pick up the K75 from the shop and then head up to Saratoga Springs Conference & Retreat Center for Leather-Levi Weekend. Steele is hauling our camping gear up, so most of it also has to be packed for pick-up today. We'll be doing a quick rearrange when we get back on Wednesday night for a last-minute pickup of our remaining clothes, but that's got to be a small amount.

Two weeks, two trips.

It's going to be a glast.

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