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Remeber that rant?

That rant about "ultralounges" and "bottle-service," in particular? You know, possibly the dumbest example of conspicuous consumption since tooth-spinnaz?

Well, the bottle-service promoters have taken possibly the most relaxing, plebian cocktail, the Margarita, and have turned it into a bottle-service fave. It's The Margarita King.

Now they say that this stuff contains only the best ingredients, and for $19 retail it just might. After all, the best tequila for margaritas isn't going to be Patron or Tequila Corralejo; it's going to be something decent but not so good that it's going to wasted under the lime and triple-sec.

Still, it ultimately reminds me of Heublein Prepared Cocktails. In the late 1800's, when the cocktail was first born, Heublein Bros. of Hartford, Connecticut started selling prepared cocktails in bottles, only interrupted by a short stint cutting back to making A1 Steak Sauce during prohibition. There are companies still making prepared cocktails (like the Kahlua Mudslide) but back in the day (and that's as recent as 15 years ago in my memory), Heublein bottled everything: martinis, daiquiris, nothing was off-limits. I so wish I could find a link that showed some examples.

I'm down on the fact that it's not a margarita made with fresh lime juice squeezed while-u-wait. I can't imagine that lime juice that's been sitting in a bottle for a few weeks (at best) could be the same.

Look at The Margarita King site, though. It's kitschy, it's trashy, it's sleazy (in that stupid-innocent way), but Giovanni could sell ice to eskimos. He can definitely wrap low-brow in an upscale package and sell it to the rich and famous.

It was an article in The Wave Magazine that specifically mentioned The Margarita King in connection with bottle-service. In New York.

You've really got to wonder how much a $20 bottle goes in a New York Ultra Lounge...

...and how many rich stupid people are lining up to be seen drinking it seated behind the velvet ropes.

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