Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Some days you do the things you've got to do... rent a U-Haul.

ladycelia had a washing machine for us, and what with her upcoming move, it was time to do something about it; that "something" being "get it out of her garage and into ours before she skips town."

We've been due this for quite a while; our washer broke a few years back in the middle of a cycle. Well, the safety interlock switch (that which switches off the washer when the lid is open) broke. Rather than be without a washer while wash was half-way done, I worked the switch out, confirmed that yes, it was kaput, tossed it and used a slip of metal from a 3.5" floppy disk slide-cover as a spade connector to slip both switch leads on to. A bit of cord tied to the leads, fed out through the switch hole, and taped to the side of the machine kept the parts from falling deep into the washer never to be seen again.

Pretty? No. Safe? Not really (if you're dumb enough to open the lid and put your hand in during the spin cycle). Effective? Definitely.

But in Karen's garage was a perfectly good Maytag Atlantis washer that was ours for the taking. No, it's not the one in the picture; it's got buttons instead of dials, but it's a much better washer than the one we had even when it wasn't half-broken.

So it was time to rent the U-Haul and get the machine.

U-Haul has been, in my experience, a horrible company, and today was no real difference. We were on our way to get the truck, with a guaranteed reservation, when the shop called kproche and said "Are you going to pick up the truck? We only hold for an hour after the beginning of business." On a guaranteed reservation, through the U-Haul website, with a credit card number on file and a deposit paid. I think corporate is going to have to talk to a certain franchisee about what a "guaranteed reservation" is.

The truck, it was a pig. Toyota with a 10' box on the back, looked like a pig, accelerated like a pig, turned like a pig, rode like a pig on a trampoline.

We got to Karen's, did a breakfast run, came back and loaded the washing machine. There was still a ton of space, so we also loaded a bunch of Karen's stuff (that's not LA-bound) and hauled it to her storage unit. Karen's storage unit happens to be across the hall from our storage unit, where we just happened to need to pick up my tent in anticipation of Leather/Levi Weekend, so this was all very convenient. We unloaded Karen's stuff, picked up the tent, and headed home to finish up. Karen and Karsten helped us clear the garage, get out the old washing machine, roll the new one in, and re-load the garage.

All in all, a lot done in 4 hours.

If you want a functional but slightly wonky Kenmore washing machine and can pick it up from us before Friday, go over to kproche's journal and comment in his most recent entry (or if he gets one posted soon, his entry about the washing machine being available). Otherwise, it gets a garbage tag and goes out with the trash when we get back from Glasgow.

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