Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Weekend of Doom!

Chock full 'o stuff, as usual.

Friday night was Leather & Uniform Night at Renegades, but this month The Brotherhood was putting on the floor show. They were supposed to have (warning, following links are so not work-safe) Bo Knight from Raging Stallion Studios but he was a bit under the weather and couldn't come down. Jeff Tucker did a few demo bits, crowd was fun, we bailed around 1:00.

Saturday Lance & Wyatt had a pool party at their place. We did a bit of quick shopping in the morning and some prep work on Beef Tenderloin in Salt Dough before heading over the hill to do a bit of wine-tasting. Tasted at Bonny Doon and Hallcrest (if you want details, they'll be posted in vintacon soon).

We got to the party a bit early, which was good because there was a bit more work to do on the beef. It needed a quick sear (which I did on the grill rather than on the stove) and a short rest before it could be wrapped in the dough, baked, and then rested again. It turned out fabulously, and is a hell of a lot simpler than it appears when done. A pretty good-sized gang showed up for the party. We gabbed, drank wine, smoked cigars, watched movies (Orgazmo) and spent some time around the pool.

Sunday we headed back home and mostly wasted the day. We went to the PruneYard so we could see a movie at Camera 7. Did lunch at Hobee's (substantial, but less-than-thrilling; their breakfasts are much better) and swung by Barnes & Noble to pick up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which kproche is reading right now). Turns out B&N is also publishing a hard-cover edition of Trigun, so I picked up both volumes. Of course, now I have to start buying Trigun Maximum.

Oh, that movie? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Go. Watch it. Fear not for your sanity. Well, don't fear much. Depp is weirder than usual. Deep Roy is cool as the Oompa-Loompas. Freddie Highmore and David Kelly play off each other beautifully as Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe. Go see the movie. Just do it.

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