Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

More printiness...

So the printer has a home. Of course, there are a number of homeless devices now. Well, actually only one, the old ink-jet printer that I need to get a new head for, and that we still will keep for quick-and-dirty small print runs.

Happy day, it came with a Firewire cable. That's valuable with a 7-color 2400dpi printer; that's a lot of data to get punched across. The machine has firewire and USB 1.1, so you can see why I'm happy.

Install was a bit wonky; mostly due to the firewire connection and Windows XP. Firewire isn't a normal printer connection, and the Epson installer can't successfully search the ports to find out where the printer is plugged in.

The ink tanks that came with it are pretty much dead, so K has to pick up new tanks tomorrow. There wasn't enough ink to run a successful print.

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