Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

New Toy...

DHL is irritating. They're more irritating than FedEx, but less irritating than UPS.

We were supposed to have a package over-nighted to us, with delivery by 12:00, so I stayed home a bit longer in the morning to wait for it. Noon? No package. 1:00? No package. Called work and they said they'd call me if something came up that I needed to go in quickly for. 2:00? No package, but the tracking said that delivery was attempted at 11:50.

Only problem is:
  1. I was home
  2. I was awake
  3. I wasn't in the shower
  4. All the doors were open
  5. There wasn't a message on the voice mail
  6. There wasn't a delivery notice on the door

After a few phone calls, I got the explanation "The road was blocked, the driver wasn't sure he could get through."

He obviously didn't try. There were a boatload of signs about road construction, but they're for something happening 3/4 miles away, and something that only blocks 1 of 3 routes to our house.

FedEx can find our place, leaves messages on the phone when they can't deliver, and try to redeliver when it's convenient for us. UPS can find our place, but can never deliver when it's convenient and has awful pick-up hours.

DHL did actually get to our house, though. The package finally showed up at 3:00.

What was inside it? A slightly used Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Yep, a big monster of a 7-color pigment-based photo printer capable of printing on 13"x44" sheets, and up to 13"x120" (give or take) on roll-feed paper.

I've got to superglue one of the mounting-guides for the automatic print cutter (it snapped off in transit, but it's a clean break and will be easy to fix) and clean up some space to put the printer somewhere (that won't be easy).

The fun thing is that the pigment-based inks are relatively light-fast (60-100 year guarantee depending on the paper used) and water-fast.

We'll see how it does; I may still pick up the software PostScript ripper for greater compatibility.

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