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Noreascon Day 2 Parties

We didn't see any parties Friday night except our own. No big surprise there.

unayok, kproche and I got the room decorated, and then Kevin and I went to dinner with the Bucks and the Mamis, and got back just in time to open the League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame. There were over a dozen people waiting outside the room for us.

From opening until after 11:00pm the room was so full it was difficult to get across. The crowd did thin a bit after midnight, but from 9:30-3:15 (yes, we were open until 3:15) 15 people was the definition of a lull.

"Le Chasse du Pape" rhone white and blush, "Yellowtail" shiraz and merlot, and of course Domaine Ste. Michelle were popular with our guests, including many luminaries of the fannish world.

It was a blast. There will be no "Noreascon Day 3" report, since between sleeping, recovering from the party, cleaning up and fitting in a visit to the Museum of Science for the "Lord of The Rings" exhibit, I made it to no convention activities today.

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