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Catalog Software

I'm getting tired of not knowing what issues of manga I've got when I go shopping. I'm tired of not knowing what books I have at home when I'm ordering something online at work.

ReaderWare looks pretty interesting, has PalmOS support (K and I both have Palm devices), runs on several different platforms and works with many barcode scanners for quick input.

It's also ugly. It catalogs books, videos and audio media in three different databases. It's a java app, so it's going to be a bit poky. It offers server functionality, but only through its own client (tho it does generate HTML catalog pages that can be published on a web page).

Delicious Library integrates all the catalog fuctions (print, audio and video) and is very pretty. It offers iPod sync, and I carry my iPod much more regularly than I do my Palm. It also offers check-out functionality, which is good considering that we regularly lend books and media.

On the downside, it only runs on a Mac (and we don't have one at home now), supports a more limited selection of bar-code scanners (including a bluetooth model, at least), and doesn't appear to offer any sort of server function.

Anybody work with anything else?


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Jun. 29th, 2005 07:21 am (UTC)
The "hard" way
I was using an electronic version of the Rolodex put out by Franklin. It backs up to a PC. I have the newer version and keep meaning to do the upgrade, but haven't gotten there, yet. When I was using it, it worked quite well. It was another device to carry, though.
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