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Noreascon Day 1 parties

Thursday isn't a great day for parties at a WorldCon, but it didn't suck.

FirstNight was really cool. It's amazing to see a single WorldCon event (other than the Masquerade) draw that many people for that long of a time. Magicians, musicians, dancers and a faux political convention (vote for your favorite dead author) combined with the regular activities of the ConCourse (the Fanzine Lounge -- John Hertz got his way on the name -- hosted a TAFF/DUFF reception). It was an excellent start to the convention.

Parties were decent or better. Columbus/Nippon bid party continued. Australia 2010 bid party was amusing. TorCon rotting-corpse-of-the-dog party was OK. marykaykare organized a great LJ/blog party. Costumers' Suite (Sheraton 808) opened quietly, but will pick up Friday night if we have anything to say about it (and we do).

And surprisingly, the Broken Drum (a convention-center operated bar in a con-decorated space) is a wild success. Good wine, good beer, good entertainment.

Oh, and we caught up with didjiman and karisu_sama.


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