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Noreascon Day 1

It is somewhat strange knowing where so much of the convention is. We know where consuite is, we know where video/anime programming is, we know where art show, dealers room, masquerade, program ops, and just about everything else is.

Part of this comes from the confusion inherent in the differently-oriented maps in the Convention Guide; finding things the first time is an adventure, and often results in finding things you weren't looking for. Part of this comes from the efficiency of early registration and having plenty of time to read the program book and the convention guide in advance. The Hynes is still a very strange space; it's hard to tell what direction things are.

The "ConCourse" is fabulous. It's a great way of combining exhibits, lounges and social areas.That's where the costume exhibit is, and we got my and kproche's costumes up for display. Elaine Mami was a touch behind schedule, but she's doing an excellent job organizing the space. Also got to see Richard Hill (masquerade director) and Carl Mami (assistant director) to discuss the Sunday judging schedule.

Dealers' Room is excellent. I know, a lot of people complain about Larry Smith putting together a Dealers' Room that is too bookseller heavy (and I'm sometimes one of them), but his range of dealers, while having more than enough book dealers to meet WorldCon attendees' expectations, is nicely balanced with all sorts of fannish interest dealers.

Program Ops looks to be doing very well; they've been able to answer all of Kevin's questions.

Costumers' Suite is in Sheraton 808, and I'm printing posters for tomorrow's loeg party there. 9:30 PM, Friday night, be there or be... well... being might not be an option in that case.

As soon as posters are printed, I'm off to Noreascon FirstNight, and then parties. FirstNight looks intriguing (I saw a "Theremin: Try playing it yourself" FirstNight sign in one hall).

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