Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Margaret Cho is going to have material for months.

So this probably isn't going to make sense to anybody who isn't in the Bay Area and/or doesn't give a rat's ass about football, but...

The (normally) brilliant PR director for the SF 49ers (yeah, that's a football team) put together a video to educate team members about responsible behavior in front of the media. This was shown as part of a diversity training session at last year's summer training camp after one of the players made some anti-gay remarks (a big no-no for a San Francisco team with lots of gay fans) to the press.

The brilliance was eclipsed in the actual execution which featured the PR director playing the part of Gavin Newsom, mocking last year's gay weddings, the asian immigrant population (ooh... even bigger no-no than anti-gay comments) and featuring topless women and pseudo-lesbian softporn.

Yeah, sounds kind of dumb to me too.

Reports of all types are coming back. A retired trainer defends the team, and yet admits that he experienced antigay harassment when he worked for them. A current player says the 49ers are "a quality organization" but in a quality organization someone would have stood up after the screening and said "bullshit!" A current trainer for the team justifies why the thought playing up "yellowface" with a fake Chinese accent wasn't so bad (well, maybe compared to WWII anti-Japanese propaganda films). And then of course, there are the "hey, I'm special" arguments, such as "The locker-room is like a fraternity; the outside world just can't judge that."

They just don't get it.

Let's make 'em watch it again.

This time, though, let's intercut it with some really classic minstrel-show and blackface scenes from the early talkies. How about some white supremacist recruiter videos?

Give 'em a little context.

Oh, and if you've been reading about this in the Mercury News, you'll appreciate the irony that this broke while Bruce Tinsley's Mallard Fillmore is making fun of the liberal news editor's attempts to apologize to the Organization of Habitually Offended People for a slight that really wasn't.

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