Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

You know it's bad when you get excited by hangers...

I was happy enough the first time I walked into the "marketplace" level of IKEA and saw all the bundles of BUMERANG clothes hangers. We've been replacing the wire hangers and the flimsier plastic hangers over time.

Still, they're just wooden hangers, if cheap and decent wooden hangers, and we've got some stuff that's too heavy for even decent wooden hangers.

Now it wouldn't be bad if it were just a few costume pieces.

It wouldn't be bad if it were just a few motorcycle suits and jackets.

It wouldn't be bad if it were just the kilts.

OK, it's bad with just the kilts. Between kproche and myself we've got over a dozen Utilikilts. They've got to hang out after washing, and even the strongest clip hangers we have aren't up to holding them dry, much less wet. They're heavy.

A while back Elaine Mami posted a link on ICG-D for Hi-Per Hangers from Black+Gray. I looked at them and thought they were cool, but never got around to ordering any.

I corrected that last week.

They're pretty damned expensive, but what you get for your dollars...

Since we've got a few motorcycle suits, I picked up 3 hangers with shoulders and one with shoulders and a pair of clips.

I also picked up 3 with just a pair of clips. Last night I washed 3 of the kilts and the Hi-Per hangers actually held. Then again, it takes a whole hand to bend the springs in the clips open, and there are three huge rubber knobs on each side of the clip for better grip.

Gotta get a whole stash more...

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