Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Last housecleaning party before BayCon

The rings, they are in. Means we're going up to Sacramento on the 21st to pick them up.

That means on the 22nd we're having another housecleaning party. Standard routine, if you want in on the evite, comment me. Bribes as usual. Food, drink, stuff. If we're shedding it, you've got dibs before it goes to St. Vinnie.

I expect that we're going to start this one a touch later, perhaps 11:00.

Lunch around 1-ish (easier with a clean kitchen). I cook (easier with a clean kitchen) or run out for take-out (but probably cook, since I have a clean kitchen).

Goals are to
  1. finish the living room (if it doesn't get finished before then)
  2. finish the bedroom (if it doesn't get finished before then)
  3. detail the bathroom (which probably won't be done before then)
  4. unearth the studio (which definitely won't be finished before then)

We'll break into the wine late-afternoon-ish after at least some cleaning is done.

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