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Noreascon Day -1 (that's minus-1) parties

So it's now actually Noreascon Day 1, but the con doesn't officially start 'til noon, and we haven't left the hotel room yet.

Noreascon 4 is doing something interesting with the bid parties for the two committees who are up for vote this year. Both Nippon2007 and Columbus OH are sharing a function room on the 3rd floor of the Sheraton for their bid parties on Thursday and Friday, and they were already open Wednesday night.

Despite the odd configuration (and, I think, for Thursday and Friday, somewhat small room), it's actually working out pretty nice. Nippon2007 is serving their traditional Japanese snack foods (with little placards explaining what each is), sake, ume-shu (plum wine with plums in it) and Japanese beer. Columbus is serving Buckeye balls (think peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate) and a really goofy selection of very midwestern snacks including wheat thins with chopped liver and ham salad. Both have arrays of postcards, convention planning materials and culturally appropriate decor.

Consuite was open, but didn't make it.

Stopped by just as Interaction ended its committee gather (not their open party) and said hi to the remaining folks.

Made it back to the room, looked into the FedEx crystal ball, and confirmed that our boxes had reached the Boston sort/ship center at 10:00pm so we can expect them sometime today.

All is good. Now for a shower, shave, and late breakfast. Remeber the 6/2/1 rule :)


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Sep. 7th, 2004 06:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the the 6-2-1 link.

The con was putting 5-2-1 in a lot of places too.

And I heard lots of discussions. "2-5-1 works for me" and "I use 5-3-1, the odd numbers makes it easier to remember"

I figure whatever, so long everybody remembers the *1* part.

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