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Spring Cleaning?

Phase II is... well, the garage is clean enough that we can get bikes in and out easily, and we did throw out a lot of crap and donate a bunch of old stuff. There are still a bunch of boxes and cabinets of stuff that have to be sorted. Big thanks to flotsomnjetsom and her lovely hubby for helping us de-crap.

A load of stuff already went to St. Vinnie's, we've got a few boxes to go to the warehouse, a few boxes of hazardous waste, a few boxes for the Computer Recycling Center and a boatload of regular recycling and trash.

There will be a repeat of garage cleaning at some point in the future, but at this point we're doing well enough to move on to Phase III, house cleaning.

House cleaning is currently scheduled for
May 7, 10:00am
Yes, this is the day before Mothers' Day. It's also the only weekend we have free in the next 4 weeks.

Same routine as last time, if we don't want it you've got first chance. Also like the last two times, lunch is on me, but if things run that long, dinner is on me too. That means that kitchen cleaning is definitely early on the schedule.

Unlike the last two events, there won't be a scheduled end-time. And we will, at some point in the afternoon, be dipping in to the wine. If the house is in a good enough state at the end of the day I expect folks can stay and watch videos and play games.

Drop a comment if you want in on the evite...

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