Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I'm going to confuse y'all by posting here.

Someone else's calendar post spurred me.

May is calendar hell for us.

We've been invited to be involved in the 5th anniversary Northwest Leather Celebration. We can't, because we're going to Costume-Con that weekend.

Only we're not going to Costume-Con that weekend, because we're working on the Nebula Awards Weekend here in San Jose.

Oh, and we can't do Sunday of Nebulas, because that's the PenWAG runway show. Fortunately, we're not working on the event on Sunday.

Oh, and we can't do Saturday of Nebulas, because that's the Eurovision Song Contest, and we're not doing ESC from a hotel again. Something about reliable internet service. Fortunately, we're not working on the event on Saturday.

So that means we get to do Nebulas on Thursday night and Friday (we're leading a tour on Friday). And we need to have the house ready for Eurovision early, because we check out from the hotel on Saturday morning to set up food and the show.

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    219.5 lbs Nike+ 35'18" 10'08" pace 3.48 mi 539 cal Polar 1:00 1003 cal 154 avg hr 187 max hr Bodybugg 56'00" 713 cal 11.3 cal/min 5702 steps

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    219 lbs Polar 35'36" (started recording 20 mins in) 328 cal 113 avg hr 141 max hr Bodybugg 38' 289 cal 5.6 cal/min 495 steps

  • Cardio day

    219.5 Nike+ 35'07" 10'18" pace 3.41 miles 525 calories Polar 1:29 1431 calories 151 avg heart rate 185 max heart rate Bodybugg 1:21 876 calories…

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