Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Flurry-O-Posts 3.23-3

The spirits tasting at St. George Spirits is worth making your way through Alameda to find.

We've had nearly everything they were offering already, but...

The Malt Whiskey we tasted was from lot #4. The last one we had was lot #1, and the new stuff is very different. It's not nearly as floral as what we had before.

The Eaus-de-vie and liqueurs have been tweaked a bit and now are sold under the "Aqua Perfecta" label. The poire (pear) and framboise (raspberry) are a bit more refined now. They've also added a delightful (and surprisingly smooth) grappa from pomace from the neighboring Rosenblum winery.

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