Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Flurry-O-Posts 03.23-2

caprine's Weird Dream Channel takes over again...

This is a relatively short one, but it's weird, and it's one I was "watching" rather than "participating in." There wasn't really anything but the opening.

I suddenly found myself watching a musical of The Desert Peach. Only it wasn't the musical written and produced by Donna Barr, T. Brian Wagner and Michael Seyfrit that is sort of a paralell universe to what happens in the comic book.


It was kind of cabaret-ish. I saw Richard O'Brien (producing and co-writing with Ms. Barr) and a 50-ish deco-ish looking crazy woman with short black hair. They were, as far as I could guess, in Paris before Rommel went on to North Africa, and they were the landlord and landlady of the bed-sit hotel that Pfirsich and Rosen would have their liasons.

They appeared to be, like Che Guevara was in Evita, the narrators of the show.

I haven't the foggiest who was playing the landlady, though it might have been Little Nell (who is looking remarkably well these days) and I only heard a bit of the opening number before I lost it.

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