Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 2-18

We wrap up semifinal 2 with Lithuania. Donny Montell sings Love is Blind.

What starts as a big dramatic ballad changes half-way through into a disco power ballad. I'm not kidding. It's got that total 70's tinny electric wah-wah guitar and lush strings and pornobeat. But it never really resolves into that and keeps dropping back to no-beat madness. That said, Donny Montell is a pretty good singer. I wish he had a better song.

The video is the selection contest performance. Montell sings the first half of the song with a blindfold on. The beat kicks in and he rips off the blindfold. Clumsily.

I like this one, from a "corny Eurovision kitsch" point of view. I think it's a much better "crack jokes about Eurovision" song that I'm a Joker. But that's it.


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