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So I expect that most of you have noticed that my journal tends to focus on event announcements/reviews and my current obsession with my music collection (which will subside back to its normal level once I've got it completely ripped and cataloged--unless I decide to re-rip everything as AAC to recover some space).

But anyway, I'm ripping a bunch of CDs I skipped on my first pass, and I've reached a rather... embarrassing... range of CDs.

"Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off"

Kenny G.

and... well, you can read the "Music" listing at the bottom of this journal entry (and the other 3 volumes are sitting right in front of me too).

Let's see if we can start a meme. Post the following quote in your journal, and respond to it:

What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection, and why? Why what? Why do you have it? Why is it embarrassing?

I can't really claim the Neil Norman discs myself; kproche bought those. Even if disco-oid versions of "Close Encounters" and "Space: 1999" are pretty bad.

I haven't got that many CDs I consider embarrassing. I avoid most of the trendy buys that start stinking like a week-old fish by being a cheap bastard -- I buy used, so I'm not swept up in the spirit of the moment.

Kenny G - "Breathless" is tempting, and I did buy it, back when Mr. G was the darling of the light jazz set, but it's not the worst.

"The Symphonic Music of Yes" is probably it. Now I really like Yes. I'm a big fan of progressive rock, and Yes does/did the sort of lush orchestral rock that one would expect to translate well to a symphony orchestra. Unfortunately, this album should have been titled "The Elevator Music of Yes." The worst thing is I bought two copies by accident when I was shuffling a stack of CDs at a used record store. Double the suckage.

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