Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry 1-1

Semifinal #1 opens with Montenegro's entry, Euro Neuro by Rambo Amadeus.

Rambo Amadeus is a king of "turbo folk," the modern-pop styled adaptation of balkan folk music. Ironically, while a pioneer of a new pop style, his lyrics tended to be dark, satirical and often outsides the boundaries of "radio-friendly" pop music.

So Euro Neuro?

Well, nobody can say Rambo Amadeus isn't true to his roots. He mixes Balkan folk music, jazz, hip-hop and anything else he can fit into the blender into a strange song with a crazy video. I like this one. I'm looking forward to the live production.

ESC2012 donkey count: 1


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