Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

LJ seems to be where I read but don't post anymore...

...which is why I didn't get this here yet, but have it on Facebook (where I don't read or post much, but lots of people are) and G+ (which I like for a lot of reasons).

So short version. Last night on the way home from work I crashed the K75 getting on the freeway at 4th street. The notes I have say I went down on the ramp, and a friend of mine from work was in his car just a bit behind me. Evidence suggests I "low-sided" on the right (down into the bank of the curve), I'm guessing the back wheel let go. I banged up my right side and the bike's right side. I got the bike back up, my friend put the broken bits in his car and followed me home.

K hauled me to Kaiser, I got all sorts of neat imaging I don't remember. It's the first time in almost a decade I have no earrings. Concussion diagnosis, not a big surprise. No broken bones, no internal bleeding.

Helmet is all gouged up, and will have to be replaced. Suit was already beat up (from over a decade of wearing it almost every day), and doesn't look too much worse but it's overdue for replacement (unless I just send it in for repairs, but they may choke on that idea). Boots aren't any worse looking than usual (my Tuesday-Thursday boots are beat up, for several years they were my M-W-F boots). Right glove has a pea-sized gouge in it but is otherwise undamaged. Yay for good protective gear. Bike will have to go to the shop to be vetted. Early K-series bikes are built like tanks, but the suspension may be a bit torqued and the cracked fairing hanger (it's been cracked for years) and right fairing probably need to be replaced.

I've pretty much lost yesterday except what I can reconstruct from email. Wednesday night is mostly there, I remember watching the end of Serial Experiments: Lain with K and Lance (and that fogginess could just be the confusion that is Lain, that's a series that could give Chris Carter and William Gibson the collective "whafu?").

Brain started working again around 5:00 this morning, the first time it wasn't the first time I saw the flash card with the notes K put together for me at 8:00 last night.

Got into my regular doctor (for the first time, actually) this afternoon. She checked me out, things that had been previously diagnosed didn't seem to get any worse, and no surprises.

I'm on extra-strength tylenol (OTC, not even the fancy stuff) and that's it. I'm still a bit spacy. I'm achy, but it's only nasty when I try to lie down or get up from lying down. Pulls on a bunch of cranky ribs on the right side. Sitting and standing are both fine, and getting up from sitting isn't bad.

I don't get to stay out at tomorrow's Solstice party too late tomorrow, and I only get to drink ginger ale (Q, at least) and iced tea. Also not driving for a few days, and not getting back on the bike until I've got a clean bill of health (and a healthy bike and safety gear).

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