Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Trainer Day

217.5 lbs

no metrics today, set things up wrong.

For those of you following along, "Polar" is my Polar heart rate monitor. It does time, heart rate and estimated calories burned. I start it at the beginning of every session and shut it down right before I record stats. Assuming I don't forget or screw it up.

Nike+ is the Nike/Apple running metrics tool. It measures time, distance, calculated average mile pace and estimated calories. I only use it for running because it's not really good for anything else. It posts results to Facebook too. Assuming I don't let the iPod battery run dry.

I have a Bodybugg calorie meter. K won it in a drawing, and I've got a 6-month free subscription. It doesn't have a good way of viewing or sharing data except when I take it off and download over USB. The food reporting database is not particularly good. That's why I don't report those metrics here.
Tags: exercise

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