Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

And then there was one...

Long Beach. What a fabulous weekend.

Well, kinda fabulous at least.

I am so looking forward to not being on a plane again for a month or so.

We got off the plane (LAX) and cabbed down to Long Beach. There aren't any direct flights between San Jose and Long Beach. The events were all at the SeaPort Marina Hotel (2nd and PCH). <BETTE DAVIS>What a dump!</BETTE DAVIS>.

At some time in the past I expect that the hotel was rather nice. Now it's just an old ramshackle pink SoCal motel. It does, though, have a nice view of the Marina.

Hospitality was going pretty well when we got to the hotel, with queens from all over the country preparing protocol, noshing on the light buffet and ordering drinkis from the really cute bartender. Texas was ever-present and having an excellent time. And, of course, the fiunction room that we were in was kind of dumpy but had a fabulous view of the marina.

After a few Gin & Grapefruits the time came to nap, clean up and go to the ball.Well, it would have been but Beej and Eddie mentioned that the little store out front, a clothing shop called The MaleBox would be opening in a moment, so we went and did a bit of shopping first. Then we went back to the room to clean up and dress.

Empress Mother Love picked "Shades of the Color Purple" for her Coronation theme, and purple there was. Again, the ballroom we were in had a beautiful view of the marina. For unexplained technical reasons, the show started 45 minutes late, but moved quickly once it was underway. Somewhere along the way the script went crazy, because the program book listed four acts, but after the second act I ran to In-N-Out Burger (between lack of sleep, plenty of gin and not enoubh food, we were both dying, so I did something about it) and found myself watching Mother Love's last walk (the last thing before crowning) when I walked back in.

We went back to the room, ate, changed, and headed back to the ballroom for post-coronation hospitality. Bit of chat, bit of water, and it was just too late to stay out anymore. Crash and burn, crash and burn.

Oh, by the way, Long Beach has a new Empress, the lovely Harmony.

We got up this morning, checked out of the hotel and caught a cab over to The Silver Fox for victory brunch. Very nice little bar. Brunch wasn't terribly edible (the eggs and potatoes could have doubled as a salt-lick), but MoLo and Harmony presided over an excellent little ceremony handing out remaining awards.

Finally, back to LAX and home.

I am so looking forward to not seeing another airport 'til April.

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