Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I watched the first Eurovision semifinal tonight...

OK, it was the replay stream from, heavily compressed but adequate to watch. Here are your winners:
  • Serbia's little 60's retro number is fantastic. Lots of fun.
  • Lithuania's showtune-style power ballad is a waste of the singer's excellent voice.
  • Greece, oh, Greece, we know you can't afford to win, so how did the crap you sent this year make it to the finals in spite of being crap?
  • Azerbaijan? Was that odd harmonies or just bad intonation? I know, both!
  • Georgia's mash-up of hard girl-rock, hip-hop and goth metal should be a tragedy, but it's strangely alluring. The bad costumes not so much.
  • Switzerland's charming little folk ballad is, well, charming.
  • I think the Hungarian singer found the classiest drag show in Budapest and said "Give me that outfit or I'll cut you!" The song is destined to be a drag classic.
  • Finland's folk ballad with a social conscience was cute, and used the stage better than anything else. How it didn't crash and burn I'll never know.
  • Russa's entry strikes me as a boy-band member attempting a solo career. Not the good one, either.
  • Iceland's entry just offends my sensibilities. Sure, they're great singers, but it's a bad cross betwen Swedish dansband and English music hall. And they're badly dressed at that.

The losers?

Poland was decent Eurovision dance pop. Stella Mwangi (Norway) was excellent with "Haba Haba." The redheaded rocker from Albania was pretty good. Armenia was just plain weak. Turkey had an OK song, but a really bad production design (what was with the crappy globe and the phoenix costume we didn't see until the last 5 seconds?). I loved Malta's fabulous synthpop. San Marino was another waste of the singer's voice. Croatia had an OK song, a sloppy production design, but a really great costume-change trick (twice). Portugal's song was worse than Greece and their production was worse than Turkey.

So I like half of the entries that advanced to the final. I'm really disappointed that Norway and Malta didn't advance. I think that Poland and Albania were still better than some of the crap that did.

On Thursday, it's lather, rinse and repeat for the second semi.
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