Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Just shoot me now...

Actually, I'm having a fabulous time, but it's taking its toll, hence a very condensed report.

This weekend was San Francisco's 40th Coronation.

Friday after work I caught the Baby Bullet up to the city to meek kproche at the Sir Francis Drake for Friday night's Out-of-Town show. They only took music for an hour, and still had enough numbers for a 3 hour show. Yep, since it was the 40th, everybody was in attendance. Everybody. Room was packed. Watched the show, drank a bit, said "Hi" to a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a while, caught late eats at Lori's Diner.

Saturday we got up, stopped in at hospitality for a moment, caught breakfast back at Lori's (ended up sitting next to the Edsel and also next to some of the Salt Lake boys), and then I went over to WholeFoods to pick up our "catering" for coronation. The highlight was an assortment of roe and caviar from Tsar Nicoulai. Their domestic farmed Osetra caviar is superb. K stayed at hospitality to turn in protocol, and I got back from the market just in time for us to do a bit of jewelry shopping with Tiara Enterprises, LaMonz DuPre and Jerry the Jeweler.

The bit what sucked is that we had to get to the coronation at the Gift Center Pavillion, and the Chinese New Year parade was betwen us and the event. It actually wasn't that bad; the parade didn't actually start until a half-hour after the event opened. We caught a town car with Emperor David and Baron Andy from Chicago, and got there early. A bit later, and it would have taken an age. Set up the table, put out a boatload of fliers, and sat down for the show.

Remember what I said about Friday night? It was a long show. Everybody was there. 50 courts walked, and most had more than two representatives. Saw candidate numbers from Tiger Lily, Ed Morgan, Victoria Secret, John-Richard and Chika. When everything was over, Tiger and John were crowned  Empress and Emperor of San Francisco.

A bit (but not enough) sleep and we got up to head down to Woodlawn Cemetery in Colma for the annual pilgrimage to the grave of Emperor Norton I. It was cold and windy, but not rainy. Mama José presided over a rollicking ceremony which included new parodies by Gail Wilson. Victory brunch followed back at the Drake in Harry Denton's Starlight Room, an odd place (impractical because of the layout, awards were a bit confused) but one of the best brunch buffets we've had.

Rather than having the standard victory parties, there was a clear break between brunch and the 40th Anniversary Gala, where City Swing provided some great dancing music 'til the wee hours. After the party we headed to Marlena's (at Hayes and Octavia) for a few more drinks before crashing.

And then there was Monday. I had planned to catch the train back down to go to work, but I was more than a touch exhausted. We got out of the hotel, had some food, and paid a short visit to the Alaska Party at Marlena's before heading home and going to sleep.

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