Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Photoflex HO!

jadecat9 and I went to Watsonville on Saturday morning for the Photoflex factory outlet sale.

This was not without hitches. After she came down to SJ to meet me, we found my car wouldn't start, it had a flat battery, so we were stuck doing the trip in her Mini (pleasant, but cramped once filled with cargo).

Still, we got breakfast and got to Watsonville by 9:15.

After only 15 minutes, the sale was already incredibly picked-over. A bunch of my shopping list was out the window.

Still, there was a 300w-s flash kit for $160, so I grabbed it. It had a small softbox, but it was a flash kit. There were large softboxes that hadn't been scarfed up yet.

Then I decided to go back and look at one of the big cases with only a tag, no flier taped to it. Turns out it was a 650w-s StarFlash kit for $220, and it included a large (7' diameter) "Octodome" softbox. Skipped the smaller kit. ladycelia asked "Where are you going to set up a 7' Octodome?" Doesn't really matter, it's a $450 flash before the lightstand, softbox adapter and Octodome are added in. It's a $800 kit at Adorama.

I also picked up a large (4' x 3') rectangular "Lightdome" softbox and louvers for $25. They also had spare modeling lights for $3.

I should have asked about reflectors; the kit didn't include reflectors for use with umbrellas (which I already have) or just bare. Fortunately, they're pretty cheap, even at retail prices.

Fitting the case (and Jade's case of stuff) in the Mini was a bit tricky, but it did fit.

We also checked out Orion Telescopes next door, but their outlet sale prices weren't as fantastic.

Barring unforeseen craziness next year, I have to get back and pick up some more ultra-cheap light modifiers. Small and medium softboxes. Maybe a compact fluorescent continuous lighting kit for the times I can't use (or am setting up so others who can't use flash can still use the light).
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