Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Random things...

The car is fixed. It no longer makes hmmmmmm and thummm-thummm-thummm sounds.

I need to go out shopping for jeans. The jeans I have now are too big and too bulky to just belt comfortably.

I plugged a new power supply into the dead Dell. It's alive again, and is my new living room computer. It's got a few issues (Ubuntu linux doesn't really like the audio chipset, and the wireless keyboard is useless until it's booted into an operating system) but it's turning out to be a pretty good little media station (particularly since it's not powered up and overheating 7x24).

I am playing with free VOIP services. I've got a Gizmo5 ( account set up using Ekiga client (yes, I've tried Gizmo, Qutecom and linphone, this is the combo that works nicely with my hardware and Windows). I haven't set up Skype yet, but I may...

My spare work computer is going back to work, to do worky things. I've actually got need for it there again.

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