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Totally wrong...

So what doesn't make the cut for "No Reservations?"


Aug. 25th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
nom .... nom .... nom .... *burp* :)
Hay there,

You sent me an LJ e-mail, and for some reason I could not send you one back. The error window said something about the reason was because your e-mail was in privacy mode ? *Got to love computers.* ;)


As always, it was great to see both of you at Tony's party. Always great to talk to you guys. :)

My e-mail bouncer Bruno might meet you at the e-mail door so don't turn away, I'll keep an eye out for you're mail.

Bruno isn't too bright, but he keep good control of the unwanted spam,,, oh,, and he brakes knee caps for free. ;)

My mail is: hairman (at) Earthlink (dot) net.

Catch you guys later. :)

(Richard Halliday