Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Did you know a Levis 36" waist...

...can be up to 40"?

I'm down 20 lbs from when I started weighing myself in January. For sake of consistency, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Yeah, it's my lightest of the day, but what I care about is the relative change, and consistency in measurement. Over an average week my weight tends to fluctuate around 4lbs between the high (Monday, after two days of not going to the gym) and low (sometime between Thursday to Saturday, inclusive).

In January, a bit before FC, I was over 230 lbs in the morning. My low for last week was Saturday at 207.5, and this morning was 211.5. Well within the margin.

I also took a waist measurement sometime after that first weight (I'm guessing mid to end of February). It was 40". Yep, I bought a few new pairs of 36" waist Levis jeans in January (pre-shrunk, not shrink-to-fit), and they fit just fine at the time. Neither of those things made me happy.

This weekend? I'm at about 37". Those 36" waist jeans won't stay up without a belt. Well, some of them won't. Some actually appear to resemble the measurement that's on the label (one pair out of five is a reasonable fit at 37"). My 36" waist kilts (that Utilikilts prides themselves on being accurately sized) almost fit properly again, and the khaki twill kilt (which was a smidge under 36" and marked as such, and was snug when I bought it) is close to fitting again.

So, yeah, progress. Visible progress. I look more like I thought I looked and less like I did.

There's still a ways to go. I've got about 20-25 lbs before I'm back to my driver's license weight (10 years ago, when I moved to California). Once I'm there, then I'll figure out where to go next.

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