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...with Adobe Senior Systems Engineer Rick Miller (scroll down the page a bit).

At work.

So not all of this is Rick's fault. A lot of it isn't.

So the downside: The class description wasn't that great. It suggested much more Lightroom focus than Photoshop focus. It was also populated by folks with a wide range of skill levels, and a 6-hour class was already stretching things. We spent a lot of time working through things that were difficult to see on the low-ish resolution projector (Adobe software is nothing if not a screen-landscape hog). We spent a lot of time on basics that people had to be led through. I think Rick would have done better with more time or with a more advanced class.

The upside: I came out with some work-related knowledge (alas, the most important parts had more to do with the classroom than the subject of the class). I got two big answers covered. One of them isn't well (if at all, for that matter) documented. It turns out that, in the Library Module of Lightroom, keywording behaves very differently in the Grid and Loupe views. I haven't seen that explained before.

More time would have been good, mostly because there would have been time to show how so many of the neat features in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw that Rick covered are so much easier and more flexible in Lightroom. If nothing else, this class is a good introduction so people can go buy Kelby Training books and DVDs and have a head start.

So my brain is kind of trashed, but it was worth it.

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