Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Remind me why I do this...

Actually, we had a most fabulous weekend, but I'm utterly shattered.

kproche and I went up to Chico (yes, Chico) for the step-down of Empress Debbie Delicious and Emperor Bruce Harmon. Finally got out of the house at 7:30 on Friday night and made it to Chico just in time for the end of the out-of-town show.

Debbie Delicious is an Empress like no other, but then again, that seems to be a Chico tradition. You may find a lot of straight married men who like dressing up in women's clothes, but finding one that publicly performs in drag with the support and involvement of his family (Debbie's wife is a total doll, and his kids are so much fun) is just wild.

We went back to the hotel and got some sleep before returning in the morning to the hospitality suite to meet Allen & Ava and turn in protocol. Oh, and help Jack-E rewrite and reprint the Reno court's protocol. A few drinks, a few snacks, and we headed out. Made a quick stop at the legendary Ozzie's BWM Center, a true classic motorcycle shop, had a Chantico at Starbucks (Chantico! something worth drinking at Starbucks that you can't easily find better somewhere else!), and then went back to the hotel again to get ready for the coronation.

Their theme was "Hollywood, Walk as a Star" so with the pseudo-Oscars theme we went with black tailcoats. The lovely Lei Miona Davenport (past Grand Duchess of Reno) designed some really beautiful sets, and the room was packed. It was a looong show, but it finished with a beautiful pair of performances by Bruce & Debbie. At the end of the night, David & Midge Mattell were announced as the new Emperor and Empress.

After the show a bunch of us hightailed it back to Byron & Daniel's room for drinks and some really fabulous food. Then back to the hotel and crashed.

This morning, things ended (for us) with Victory Brunch. We ate. Debbie and Bruce gave out a ton of awards. Midge and David crowned their Imperial Crown Princess. We headed home.

I am utterly exhausted.

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