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So is it just me...

...or are the quiz-memes getting worse? I guess quiz-memes are something a million monkeys with a million typewriters get to well before the works of Shakespeare.

drewan posted his result for Starship Captian! and I just noticed the quiz I posted in loeg was What Kind of Super-Villian Are You?

(BTW, in an odd twist of fate on the last line of the Starship Captian! meme, drewan's crew was dosed with Space Herpes.)

We'll take as read that I'm a spelling nazi. I'm not picky about it in posts, but in memes that are going to be propagated all over the web, damn it, get it right.

I also tried out the "What Type of Fur Are You" quiz I saw in the_gneech's journal this morning. One of those paint-by-numbers personality tests that's even less scientific than MBTI. The results read like a bad horoscope.

The thing that really annoyed me, though, was looking back at the Super Villian quiz, and discovering Fun Quiz inserts an advertising line at the bottom of each result.

Fortunately, the results are just basic HTML in one's journal, not something sucked from another server. I went in, corrected the spelling, and trimmed out the ad.

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