Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Exercise notes...

So, apart from convention travel days and one "I'm late for a meeting day" I've been making it to the gym every weekday since just before New Years.

I'm only doing cardio (but varying machines and patterns) until this all becomes an ingrained habit. Then I'll look at strength training or other options.

The first day I was a total mess, and could barely do 25 minutes on a basic elliptical machine, and my heart rate kicked up to (ridiculous number deleted) very quickly.

I don't bounce back like I used to, but it only took a day or two before my heart rate stopped spiking up to (ridiculous number deleted) at any significant effort, and I was able to start maintaining a lower rate.

About 2 weeks in K had to buy a new heart rate monitor, so I had him pick one up for me too, and that has helped a lot. I was probably overdoing things a bit before that point. I've started using the goal heart rate programs on the machines. I can easily maintain 145-150bpm for 40-60 minutes. I now need to work towards the point where it's more effort to do that.

I've just started working on maintaining a lower heart rate (instead of jumping straight to 145-150) for a significant portion of my workout. I'm currently at 135, and hope to work that down a bit.

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