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It's finally time for the Gallifrey Report

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It was, as usual, a blast. But I couldn't possibly just leave it at that.

Thursday night after kproche and I got off work, we loaded the car and drove down to LA with unayok. This was the first convention in years that we could have attended with room for another person in the car. This was a good thing. The drive was mostly uneventful.

When we got to the LAX Marriott, we hit the front desk to learn what new confusion there would be about our room reservation. As usual, they had our reservation, but under the wrong name, and with an extra room. Joyce keeps trying to fix the hotel resume, and the hotel keeps finding ways to screw it up. Still, it was better, and more easily dealt with, than the screw-ups of the past.

Friday morning we got breakfast and went to reg to pick up badges. Reg was open nice and early, and running rather efficiently. Afterward, we did a run to TJ's to get a bit of snacks for Saturday afternoon's party. It was, surprisingly, only a 2-bag load. We also stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up volcano-improvement supplies.

We got back in time for the Dealers' Room to open, but didn't try to get in. There was a line, and a plague of locusts snapped up all the new rare toys and figures in the first half-hour. I did go through later, and there was still some good stuff left, though.

There was a little bit of work to help brittunculus and Judith get the volcano day party set up, but it was mostly them, Ken, Jerry and Macy doing the work. They put together some fabulous decor. maurinestarkey's Pyrovillian power converter and house altar were the crowning glory, though.

Somewhere along the way, we got dinner. K changed into his roman outfit, and we went down to the convention's Toga Party. There was a bit of amateur theatrical featuring Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen. We missed the beginning, and were kind of lost, so I went out to the hall to chat with people. When the show ended, things became a bit more party-like.

factor17 decided to join us at the con, found our room and got into his toga.

Then we went to most party-like.

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As I mentioned, Merv, Judith, Ken, Jerry, Maurine and Macy did a great job with the decor, and there was (as usual) a line of people waiting to get in. It was an absolute mob-scene for the first 2 hours the party was open, but it did quiet down to a dull roar around 11:30.

At around 12:30, Phil Collinson (yes, that Phil Collinson) decided that Judith needed a break behind the bar, so he took over for a little.

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I'm not making this up, you know!

Saturday was nice and quiet. K's Friday panel was rescheduled to Saturday morning. There was much napping around that. I spent a little time setting up things for the Napa State Prison party. Folks came over, drank a lot of wine, had a good time.

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The masquerade, ah the masquerade. It was a bit late getting started, but that wasn't a surprise; the masquerade was much bigger than in the past. We got in, I shot pictures, there were a lot of great entries. Mette, Bryan and Merv all did very well.

After masquerade we had the Napa State Prison after-hours party (commonly referred to as the "Boy Party"). It was kind of quiet and fun, and ran until a ridiculous hour in the morning.

Sunday we slept. A lot.

I played a few games in the pass-through lounge, and went to see the year-in-review video and closing ceremonies. All that was left then was Lobbycon.

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Everyone who was anyone (and didn't have to leave early) came down to the lobby to chat, drink and make the most of the few remaining hours before we all had to leave.

Monday morning was check-out. unayok had a plane to catch in LA, so we had the car to ourselves for the return trip. As usual, we took 101 north. Unfortunately, the Grapevine was closed due to snow and ice, so we took it with everybody else who was rerouted to the coast, to the tune of a 9 hour drive. Mette & Brian didn't fare so well (in relative terms); they tried to take I-5, and got home later than we did.

As I said, a fabulous convention and a fabulous weekend. I took a lot of pictures. For more, check out the full collection on flickr.

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