Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

less-random notes...

The house continues to inch towards "clean."

Spray-on carpet cleaner is not, I repeat, not the bomb. It's a mediocre stop-gap solution when one doesn't have the time to rent a real carpet cleaner. Still, it does some good.

The amount of crap that went into recycling this weekend is not epic, but it's substantial.

Score at the moment
  • Bedroom is messy, but underwent a partial cleaning recently and is in a good state to be recovered
  • Bathroom is partially clean and should be clean soon
  • Studio is a disaster
  • Back hall is clean.
  • Living room isn't clean, but it is substantially de-crapped and very close to clean
  • Kitchen is a bit messy, but was recently clean and easily recoverable

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