Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

ICG Guidelines Committee Update - Final Review Cycle

Last year at Costume-Con 22 the International Costumers' Guild Board of Directors chartered a committee to overhaul its Masquerade Guideline documents. We're nearing the end of the process of revising the ICG's Masquerade Fairness guidelines.

Thank you to everybody who commented on our first revision. The guidelines committee has incorporated many of your suggestions in our new draft.

For more information, see

Our second review cycle has just opened. We are looking for comments from not just ICG members, but anybody who enjoys costuming, cosplaying, historical recreation, fursuiting and costume competition. This review cycle will conclude on 2/15/2005, after which we will submit our final draft and suggestions to the ICG board.

Please forward or cross-post this notice to other costume-related lists and communities who might be interested.

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