Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


So one of the things we did while I was waiting for the ReadyNAS to reboot, fsck and resync was to go to yesterday's St. George Spirits open house.

The price has been going up. It's still worth it.

We bought the $30 registration, the $10 add-on for the premium brandies and the $10 add-on for the Agua Azul tasting. We also had reservations for the first (1:30 pm) tasting lecture with Jorg Rupf, master distiller and founder of St. George Spirits.

The lecture didn't cost anything extra, and it was totally worth it. It even included Agua Azul tastings (so we gave our Agua Azul tickets to friends who hadn't bought any).

So the new releases?

The Pear Spice Vodka is really nice. It's complex and flavorful.

The Agua Azul, in "Cristal" (blanco or silver), Reposado and Añejo, are all superb. They join only one or two tequilas that we're willing to drink neat, much less at room temp. The Cristal is my new preference for top-shelf margaritas.

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