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Annoying crap...

...with, probably, at the end, a better result.

So I've been complaining about my studio machine, a Dell Dimension 5100c (low-profile BTX form factor) with failing bits and pieces.

The hard drive has been failing for a while, just stopping and randomly freezing the computer. When a drive in the ReadyNAS failed, I just bought a replacement. I finally got around to sending the bad drive in for warranty replacement, and decided to install the replacement in the studio machine.

I borrowed a SATA/USB adapter, and attempted to clone the system over to the new drive. Didn't work. The data cloned fine, but for some reason it just wouldn't boot.

It's a full re-install, then. With the Dell Resource CD (to get the network driver), it installed pretty easily. Right now it's pretty bare-bones, with Windows Media Center 2005 (and all the patches), iTunes, cygwin, Firefox and Thunderbird installed. Running a bit quicker, though.

I've still got to install our productivity apps (Office, Creative Suite, Corel) and a bunch of other utilities. I've also got somewhere around 150gb free on the disk to set up an Ubuntu slice; can't hurt to have linux available on this machine if necessary.

I've ordered a bunch more RAM for the machine and a replacement power supply (I think the power supply fans have failed). It's probably worth keeping running; it doesn't lack for processing power.


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Nov. 22nd, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
This may be too late for you, but... I've had some luck with either doing a minimal install on the target drive first (sets up the boot blocks), using the windoze repair option on the target after copying (fixes the boot blocks), and sometimes using fdisk/mbr (writes a new master boor record).

(Most of the clone programs only copy individual partitions, not the MBR.)
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